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Rent a Dream S.r.l.

This is to inform you that Privacy Act 196 dated June 30th 2003 protects people from the processing of their personal details; according to the law, personal details can only be processed in fairness, legitimacy and transparency while protecting the person’s privacy and rights.
We hereby inform you that we will collect your personal details for establishing and/or fulfilling our mutual agreement; and therefore, pursuant to art. 13 of Act 196/03, please note:
  1. Your personal details will be processed in connection with the requirements of the agreement and for the fulfilment of any associated obligation, as well as for the successful management of our mutual agreement; in particular, for:
    1. Fulfilling legal formalities as required by any civil, tax and accounting regulation;
    2. Administrative management of the agreement;
    3. Fulfilment of the agreement;
    4. Record management;
    5. Communications, mails and faxes
  2. Personal details will be processed and stored by means of computer and/or paper media and systems in ways that will protect their integrity, security and privacy.
  3. The supply of such personal details is compulsory for the fulfilment of legal requirements and/or under the agreement; refusal to supply such personal details will result in the non fulfilment of the agreement/discontinuance of the relationship; the consequences of the non-supply of such personal details, unless due to legal requirements or under the agreement, shall be considered on a case-by-case basis;
  4. without prejudice to the communications sent pursuant to the law, such personal details may be sent to third parties that have been entrusted by us with specific tasks;
  5. the data processing holder is:
    Rent a Dream S.r.l. address:
    S.S. del Sempione 33 - 20010 (Mi) | Tel: +39 02 9340481 | | - holder’s name;
  6. the person responsible for the data processing is: Diego Bianchi
  7. Personal details will be processed throughout the term of the relationship and thereafter, for the fulfilment of all legal formalities;
  8. You are entitled to assert your rights under art. 7 Act 196/2003 against the holder by written request.

Law decree no. 196/2003

  1. The person is entitled to obtain confirmation of the existence of his/her personal details, even if not recorded yet, and communication of such personal details in an understandable form.
  2. The person is entitled to be informed of:
    1. Source of his/her personal details,
    2. Purpose and methods of the processing;
    3. Rationale of the processing, if using electronic media;
    4. ID details of the holder, persons responsible and designated representatives, pursuant to article 5, paragraph 2;
    5. persons or categories of persons to which such personal details could be communicated or which can come into possession of such personal details as the designated area representatives, persons responsible or appointed persons.
  3. The person is entitled:
    1. to have his/her personal details updated, corrected or added to, if so interested;
    2. to have his/her personal details deleted, converted into an anonym form or blocked if processed in breach of the law, including personal details that do not have to be stored for the purposes for which such personal details have been collected or processed;
    3. to be certified that the operations under letters a) and b), including their contents, have been made known to those persons to whom the personal details have been communicated or disclosed, except in case such requirement should be impossible to fulfil or should involve means that are clearly disproportionate to the protected right.
  4. The person is entitled to partly or totally oppose to:
    1. for legitimate reasons, to have his/her personal details processed, even if relevant to the purpose of the collection of such details;
    2. to have his/her personal details processed for the sending of advertising materials or direct sales or for market surveys or sales materials.